Oh to be a child again.

So, it’s only taken me around the ballpark of ten years or so to come up with my storyline…the other day, my four year old wrote a book in the car on the way home from Grandma’s house. It went something like this:

Once there was a Froggie. He went outside to play, but his mom called as he ran out the door, “Froggie! You forgot your shirt!” He ran back inside, put on his shirt, and headed out to play again. “Froggie!” his mom called. “You forgot your pants!” Froggie ran back inside, put on his pants, and ran out the door. “Froggie! You forgot your socks!”…

You get the idea. I think we went through shirt, pants, socks, shoes, hat, scarf, gloves. Underwear came second to last. =) The great thing about this story was that she honestly made it entertaining. It was the same thing over and over again, but the way she told it I just couldn’t stop laughing. I could literally see this frantic Momma Frog chasing after her little Froggie that ran out to play in the snow ‘make-up’ – which is Reese’s terminology for naked. It helped that she thought her story was hilarious, but I hope my book proves to be half as engaging.

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False fingers.

The expression “to write something down” suggests a descent of thought to the fingers whose movements immediately falsify it.  ~William Gass, “Habitations of the Word,” Kenyon Review, October 1984

I was so ready to write the other day. I had finally made it to the part of my book that I’ve been dying to write! These are the scenes that my book is based on – the random thoughts that have eventually been pieced together into a working plot. The ones I picture as I fall asleep at night, composing every little detail, every little expression…but now I can’t write. What is wrong with me? I’ll tell you what is wrong with me. I am scared to write. To me, these are actual scenes. They play out in my brain like a mini-movie. I can picture it perfectly, I just haven’t figured out how to translate that movie into words. How daunting a task to actually find the right words, in exactly the right order, to express what is happening. And if I don’t get it right, no one else will see what I want them to see – what is in my head. Maybe Christmas was a bit ambitious of a deadline.

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Are we there yet?

It is a running joke in multiple movies, cartoon strips, annoying jokes…little did you know that it was inspired my my four year old. We had the exciting opportunity to drive up to Salt Lake this afternoon – a daunting task for a mom with two kids who have the attention span of house flies. I brought books, snacks, juice, stuffed animals, ponies…I was prepared! yeah, it all got chucked to the floor (literally) in the first 20 minutes. That was about when it started. “Are we there yet?” All Connelly could really contribute was the ever popular “Mom!” (you must repeat at least 110 times for the full effect) and “No!” but never fear, Reese put in enough effort for the both of them. “Are we there yet?” Every single minute for over an hour! Oh my lands…I love my children. They are still alive…that is my proof. Thank the stars that they both fell asleep on the way home or I may not have had any hair left by the time I pulled into my garage.

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What’s the number of the day?

Eighteen chapters!!! I have written eighteen chapters…plus a prologue! Do you know what this means? I only have twelve left to go! I can barely contain myself, if you can’t tell by the excessive use of exclamation points. And, the icing on the cake…I actually know what is supposed to happen in half of those chapters. Actually, maybe even three fourths of those chapters. Glory Hallelujah! I might just finish this thing by Christmas. I am so ridiculously excited because I have written nothing – literally nothing – not in my head, not on a note pad…nothing for a really long time. I have closed some of the biggest gaps in my story; parts that still hurt my head when I think of the effort they took to write. And now, I’m to my favorite part. Maybe it will be harder to write, because it is so clear in my brain what it should look like – I’m not entirely sure that I will be able to put it into adequate words. But I’m excited to try. And it is oh so nice to finally be excited about writing again.

P.S. My daughter got her ears pierced today! A day of mile stones. =)

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Life as I know it.

I have come to a conclusion about my blog…I can’t keep writing about writing. If I do, I really won’t have much to write about. The facts are these: my life does not revolve around writing, more like my writing revolves around my life and sneaks its way in every now and then. I am lucky if I write a paragraph a day, or at the rate I’m going this month…a paragraph a week! In all fairness, I am scrambling to finish Halloween costumes for everyone for a party this coming weekend, so every thing else has come secondary. But that’s this month, next month who knows what will come up! If I hope to keep this darn blog alive, I simply can’t wait to be compelled by my writing process. I hope it will strive to make an appearance more often than not, but I will write about what inspires me and what takes up my time. Be prepared to hear lots about two crazy girls! But I’ll save that for another post…I woke up with my eyes strangely swollen this morning and they aren’t happy with time spent on the computer. Temperature change? Allergies? Sleeping on the wrong angle of my face? Who knows. The strange mysteries of life! Maybe I’ll write a book about it.

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It’s raining, it’s pouring…

Last night we had a rather spectacular thunder storm. I was laying on my kids’ floor, keeping guard until they went to sleep (little one thinks it’s funny to escape when I’m not there and it’s easier to intimidate her to sleep than to have to put her back in bed every 2 minutes). The blinds were closed, I had my eyes shut and I could still see every flash of lightning. I love the rain. I love when the thunder rumbles so loud that it shakes the house, and – hard as you try to be a rational adult – you can’t help but be just a little afraid of the sound. It is beautiful and terrible, soothing and soul-shaking. To make a long story short…I have no choice but to put a good rain storm in my book. I haven’t figured out where just yet, but it is a necessity.

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LIfe-changing Blog

I got the sweetest comment on one of my posts this morning…my blog apparently helped someone, suffering with the difficulties of having English as their second language, successfully make it through their graduate program. My little blog changed someone’s life! I feel so fulfilled. Oh wait, that was spam.

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Literary Poll

I can’t make up my mind, so I’m sending it to the masses. On my site, I have the prologue and first chapter of my book posted so that I can get a general reaction as to whether or not people would be interested in reading the story. Here’s my dilemma: One of the key characters in the story is introduced in chapter 2 making me think it wise to post that chapter as well. But chapter 1 ends better – it gives off more of that climactic feel of “I want to read more.” So, do I sacrifice my cliff hanger for the sake of this character?

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Over-the-hump Day.

I successfully managed to write an entire 2 pages worth the other day! I only wasted half of the kids’ nap time doing who knows what, but at least I was productive for the last stretch. When I first started writing, I couldn’t make myself push through the unknown regions of my story, so I skipped around and wrote the parts that I knew what was going to happen. That was good and bad – good, because it got me writing, bad because once you go back to fill in the blank spaces sometimes things change in the process and you end up having to re-write the parts where you thought you knew what happened. But, at least I have points to work towards. And, I’ve almost closed the biggest gap! Only a few more paragraphs to go and I can finally say that I am more than half way done. I’ve been about half way done for a long time because I keep having to add chapters. =) But I’m almost over that hump. Hoorah!

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Back in the saddle.

I haven’t posted in little while. Mostly because when you have a blog about writing a book and you aren’t currently doing any work on said book, you don’t really have much to blog about. But! Both of my kids are asleep. Yes…miracles do happen. So, I’m going to write today. I am keeping my fingers crossed that something genius comes out…will keep you posted.

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