Easy reading is damn hard writing.                  ~Nathaniel Hawthorne

My name is Shannon Eden and I am writing a book. Actually, I am trying to write a book. I am married to the most handsome man alive, I have two beautiful girls – 4 and 18 months – and two dogs. We had 10 frogs, but only two are still alive…oops. My house is a disaster because we are trying to finish our basement and I don’t even want to talk about the dishes or laundry. In the middle, end, or anywhere I can squeeze it in – I am writing a book. My husband, as a good husband should, loves it because he must. But I do want the honest opinion of the world – as long as you can do so in a non-soul-crushing way! So, I am documenting the process of my process for educational purposes or just for the entertainment value. I hope it is helpful to someone…even if that someone is only me.

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