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Motherly wisdom.

I have learned some very valuable lessons this past week from my children. Here are my top 3. 1. Never, under any circumstance, allow your husband to leave for work while you are in the shower if you have a 2 year old. The result? Marker mayhem! 2. When both kids decide to hang out [...]

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Eight is great.

Do I dare get excited? I am finally in the single digits! I have 8 chapters left to write! Granted, I only get about a paragraph out at a time these days, so I’m not sure what my ending date figures out to be at that rate, but at least I can see the light [...]

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The money tree.

I hate money. I might love it if I had any of it, but sadly, that just isn’t the case. I want to replace my carpet and repaint my house, but I have to pay off a vacuum, a credit card, a car, and a fence first…no fair! The vacuum is great, but it should [...]

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